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Rejoice, the Lord Is King

Originally, my arrangement of this song was to be recorded with the full band. However, with the addition of the Irish interlude and the "Holy, Holy, Holy!" reprise, a different musical texture became necessary. In previous musical endeavors, I have often played solo, so I was comfortable recording this tune as such. Sonically speaking, this hymn was to be an ethereal and distant splash on the project. The text was included because it speaks of the hope that we have because of the victory won by Christ. This song is where the cry for rescue is answered by the sovereignty of the Lord. The irony of the victory, as portrayed by "Rejoice, the Lord Is King" is that the victory is all-encompassing, yet calm, peaceful, and serene. The still, small voice crushes the cacophony of noise and confusion rendered by the enemy. The tender reed has crushed the whirlwind. In a pragmatic sense, this melody was included with the older demographic in mind. As grinding, layered sou