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Take Two

It's now on to week two and things are humming along nicely. After the snags of the first session, some bugs have been worked out and everyone is playing well together. Better than before, actually. It's hard to believe that this group has spent a whopping 6-8 hours sounds like it's been ages.

This week, I am very excited for the sonic possibilities with guitar overdubs and some light fx. Ben Higgins (formerly with The Hot Finks) is a more than capable guitarist with many creative melodic and rhythmic ideas. One of the highlights of working with him is that he is very positive and keeps a good attitude during frustrating circumstances. He's not allergic to multiple takes to iron out a passage, and it's just nice to work with someone like that.

One of the arrangements we're working on has presented some great electronic possibilities. A little digital voice tweaking and some other synthetic elements will most definitely make Jesus Lover of My Soul one of my personal favorites on this project.


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