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Windows 7 is Not My Idea

So, some will undoubtedly think to themselves that I am quite daft after they read this post. I myself am inclined to agree wholeheartedly. The entire Far Beyond Rescue project is being produced on...drumroll....wait for it...a PC. I know all of you sonically savvy types were prepared for me to give you the spec's on some sweet Mac machine with 18 Tb of HD space and 100 million Gb of RAM. But that sadly is not the case. Call it budget, call it ghetto, it is what it is. I haven't upgraded my rig to Mac yet, and last night, I paid the price. The fact that the price was a corrupt Cubase Sx 3 file does not exactly make my day. In the midst of troubleshooting, I also discovered (much to my chagrin) that I have multiple frame rates going on. For those of you who are lost in my techno babble, it's kind of like forcing your computer to handle a fast file and a slow file and make them run at the same speed. It bogs down the machine and does mean things to how your puter processes fx.

Bottom line, I am going to have to rebuild the song I Need Thee Every Hour from scratch. Thankfully, all the recordings are intact. The bad news is that the Cubase file tells the computer where in time each recorded track was placed, as well as any EQ settings and fx. Thus far, I have probably spent around 4-6 hours mixing and producing the track...and the loss of that work has me less than thrilled.

And it couldn't have happened to a tune with a more ironic title!


  1. Well I have no idea what you just said but I do appreciate your use of the word "daft!" Well done!

  2. I appreciated "puter". ha! you might be an undercover Owen sister. :)


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