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Funny Sequences

The last several days have seen a rather humorous chain of events take place to continue to shape and mold the project. Thursday night was filled with worrisome editing and critical listening and minor tweaks to try to ready the rehearsal trax for the combined youth retreat that I was leading music for this past weekend. After a sleepy Friday A.M. of trying to throw everything together to prepare, we were off to a snowy and cold weekend in the mountains...but not before sweating all possible contingencies of disaster. Thankfully, I feel that the audio was well received and overall, the retreat was a success.

Funny #1: Packing almost double of everything in case of rare inland tsunami, hurricane, or amplifier failure...yes, I struggle with OCD tendencies...and I don't remember being this nervous about anything in the last 10 years!

Funny #2: Loading backing trax onto iPod for performance.

Friday evening, I discovered the internal iPod playlist feature!

Funny #3: Creating custom playlists directly on the iPod for seamless audio during worship sets...Apple melts my face with ingenuity!

Sunday afternoon, we returned and unloaded the gear. After meeting the retreat deadline, there was a definite sense of, "Now what?"

Funny #4: I practiced trombone for over an hour...much to my better half's amusement, as she had never heard me play to this point.

And finally (this morning), I got an email granting permissions to release two more songs on the album.

Funny #5: Publisher says, "That would be great if you'd record those two songs...Who are you again?"

Ah, life!


  1. seeing you play trombone was definitely a new experience for me! I tried to imagine you with a band uniform on, and I just couldn't do it. you are too dashing! :)

  2. yeah, I love it! can't wait until we can see you play trombone! We also can't wait to have you hear and listen to your amazing CD! We love you and are your number one fans! Whoo hoo!


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