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I Need Thee Every Hour

This particular tune will not be well-known to the listener for appearing on the FBR album. In fact, Sandra McCracken had already popularized this Kevin Twit arrangement several years ago. The reason I was so set on including it in the track list was because I felt (and still feel) that this song is: 1. Amazingly powerful and simply memorable, and 2. Quite possibly Kevin's best arrangement to date.

In working on this track, it was easy to be swept away by adding layer after layer of sonic depth. The lyrics and sweeping melodic lines make for ample opportunities to utilize inner moving voices. Large orchestral underpinning and dramatic guitar parts filled out the mix to create what I consider to be a great blend of both past and present church worship. This song captured some of the best moments of what I visualize as "blended worship". Implementing sounds not unfamiliar to both the older and younger demographic, I am hopeful that this meaty song speaks well to all ages.

I absolutely love the fervor and tone of the lyrics of this song. Though often we confess with our lips that we are completely and hopelessly theos-dependent, our busy, western, and otherwise disconnected lives do not often reflect that reality. Such a declaration of our inability to be independent seems a warm and welcoming place to me therefore.

Though this song became a sort of theme for the entire project, it was definitely not without its difficulties. As I had eluded to earlier in these blog posts, I had been met early on with a couple of fairly major setbacks during the post production stage of the album production. The most strenuous of these included the loss of the song file for "I Need Thee Every Hour". After about 6-8 hours of mixing and editing, the file I was working on became corrupt and had to be scrapped. Because it was one of the first tracks to be recorded, I had not (at that point) archived any of my work. About 4 hours of work later, the song had been restored and the Lord had given me that time to meditate on the ultimate ownership of the album. It never was about me or my comfort. Rather, the Supreme Author was at the helm and steering me closer towards His character.


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