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Here I Raise Mine What?!

This fall, I've been working hard at making official what has to this point only been a hobby---a recording label. As I continue to reiterate, Far Beyond Rescue is step one in trusting God with music (and everything else for that matter). Some of the subsequent steps are playing out to be, "Hey world, I've been busy recording things for nearly ten years now and I'm trusting God to do something with it in His time." As I've gone digging through my hard drive, I've stumbled across many recordings that I had completely forgotten about. Thus far, I've found over 60 songs that are what I feel to be retail-ready. With a little more work, the record label will have the entirety of its catalog available on iTunes, with music videos to follow on YouTube.

One of my favorite hymns brings to light a principle I've been pondering lately in regards to singing the praises of our Master. "Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing" references the Israelite Ebenezer Stones, and their significance. The idea behind the stones was to make a sort of crude monument to the Lord's work in the lives of His people. I'm finding that in my own life, looking backwards can be quite instructive. Re-discovering old music has not been simply nostalgic, it's been encouraging. A tidbit of lyric here or there will remind me of the grace journey that God has me on. A musical idea will invoke a memory of a specific instance that God used to teach me.

So here in the fall of 2010, I raise my own symbolic stone to reference moving forward in faith, trusting that the promises of Jesus are actually true. Embracing His worth and value, I am able to finally acknowledge the elephant in the room---I have actually been given musical gifts to use in service to the King of kings.

"Hey world, it's never been about me."


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