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O Love Incomprehensible

Besides having a vocabulary word in the title that would most certainly challenge most contemporary Scrabble competitors, this hymn was all but lost in obscurity until Kevin Twit got going on what became the RUF Hymnbook project. It was certainly unknown to me, and I for one appreciate Kevin's work ethic in digging this song up.

The way the arrangement came about was twofold. First, I am a lazy musician that usually only glances at melodic lines and can't remember them correctly to save my life. Second, I've always had more of a bent towards rock n' roll than I've had towards bluegrass. Consequently, it has been a rare occasion when I have played and sung this version straight from the chart.

In its first inception, my arrangement of Kevin's arrangement sounded like a B-side from Third Day's sophomore album. I was helping lead worship for a Wednesday night ministry known as "Village Cross", and the depth of lyrics found favor with the group's MC. The southern rock feel sat well with the musicians involved, and it wasn't long before I began playing this hymn regularly.

When it came time to record Far Beyond Rescue, O Love proved to be somewhat cumbersome. To maintain the integrity of the musical flavor, the number of moving parts had to be boiled down. The first of several mixes turned out mushy and quite dynamically lacking due to there being an over saturation of sonic colors. The final mix is much more minimalistic, but if I had it to do over again, I would carve further to create more space.


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